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AMD with our team of experts and ISO 9002 Certified manufacturer are dedicated to providing YOU with the highest caliber Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP) available at the most cost effective price in the market. Our superior FRP products will meet and exceed the needs for various applications, please contact us for assistance in determining the best FRP solution for your project.

Work safety experts highly recommend the use of Fiberglass Grating in corrosive environments. The superior durability of FRP compared to aluminum or steel makes Fiberglass Grating the ONLY choice when corrosion protection and safety are concerned. Fiberglass Grating experiences less contraction and less expansion than aluminum or steel while still providing exceptional dimensional stability. Find all of your Fiberglass FRP Grating, structural shapes, and accessories here on our website.

AMD offers a wide variety of fiberglass products, including Molded grating, Pultruded grating, FRP structural shapes and ramps, Safety Handrail, Custom Platforms as well as custom special orders. Allow us to help you select the best product for your needs at 847-593-1800

Our team of dedicated experts are on hand and ready to answer your questions. Call us at 847-593-1800 today!


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