AMD offers a variety of accessories to meet any of your fiberglass product needs. We are available to create custom installations of products to fit your specific projects and any application. View just a selection of products available below:

Fiberglass Reinforced Gates are specifically designed to keep manufacturing assembly lines both safe and efficient. AMD, inc. produces many types of sliding gates to be used above a ground skid prep area, waterway control systems, and water treatment facilities. AMD, inc. gates are durable, easy to use and lightweight. Let AMD get your project set up with the perfect gate system on our request a quote page.
AMD, inc. stainless steel saddle clips provide a minimal trip hazard and secure way to fasten the Fiberglass Grating to a frame or other support source. AMD, inc. recommends using at least (8) clips per 4′ x 12′ (standard size) panel. Smaller panels should be fastened with no fewer than (4) clips. Let us assist you with fastening your AMD Fiberglass Grating together on our request a quote page.
AMD, inc. Fiberglass Pedestals provide a corrosive resistant support system that can be set in a fixed position or custom adjustable heights. The pedestals elevate and support AMD Fiberglass Grating and structural fiberglass anywhere from a few inches up to a few feet. Let us help you design your next platform system on our request a quote page.
AMD, inc. Fiberglass Lightweight and Maintenance Free Ladder systems are built to suit your individual needs and requirements per OSHA and ANSI specifications. AMD, inc. ladders are ideal for use on catwalks, mezzanines, and access to roofs and tanks. Available options are safety cages, safety rails/ trolleys, walk-throughs, and removable extensions. AMD, inc ladders are all created using only the finest and strongest structural pultrusions, providing you with both heavy and standard duty use for years to come. All Ladders are non conductive to both heat and electric. Please let us know how we can provide your project with a superior ladder on our request a quote page.