What to use Fiberglass Grating for?


What to use Fiberglass Grating for?

Fiberglass grating is a contemporary alternative to metal grating. Not only does it look more attractive, but is also extremely resistant to corrosive environments. It is also fire retardant, light weight and non-conductive and these make it a popular grating option for docks, fire escapes, trench covers, walkways and so on.

Fiberglass grating is available in grid as well as square patterns, and is popularly used owing to the great resistance it provides coupled with its low maintenance cost. While metal grating, if not taken proper care of, can rust, fiberglass grating is rust and corrosion free.

Fiberglass grating can also resist chemical attacks, thus making it more durable. Fiberglass grating is now being used everywhere and below we mention the various places you can use fiberglass grating for.

Dock and Dog Walkway – If you want a safe walkway for your family, kids and dogs, fiberglass grating is the best option for you. It will provide you a sturdy support, and slip proof protection from the water underneath.

Car Wash –Fiberglass car wash grating is immensely popular with car wash operators and owners. If metal and steel grating has failed to live up to your expectations, you can immediately replace it with a much safer option, that is, fiberglass grating.

Dock – For commercial as well as residential harbors and boat docks, fiberglass grating is the best choice. It will ensure you enjoy years of sturdy support, with no chances of slipping. You can thus be sure of enjoying complete protection when trying to reach the boat with family or friends.

Manufacturing – If you are a manufacturer, you certainly want to keep the equipment as well as walkways for your guests and employees slip-free. The anti-slip surface that fiberglass grating provides is ideal for this situation.

Car wash – Whether you are in the need of grating for automatic or self-serve wash systems, fiberglass grating is the best choice. With it you can be sure that your vehicles will be properly supported and your employees are absolutely safe, even in soapy wet conditions.

Oil drilling – It is very important for oil drilling workers to have sturdy and non-inflammable walking surfaces. Fiberglass grating offers you a resin base which together with being anti-slip also does not allow fire to spread.

Stairways and Platforms – Steel ladders,stairs and metal walkways can break down after staying exposed to the weather elements for a long time. However, fiberglass platforms and stairs will remain the way they are even after years of service.

Battery Rack – Fiberglass grating offers the perfect conditions for battery storage, which are non corrosive, and thus exactly what you need.

Stairs – fFberglass stairs are durable and safe no matter what the weather conditions might be. So, even after years of enjoying the services of fiberglass stairs, you can still be sure it will provide you equally great services.

Rooftop Air Conditioning – Proper airflow and elevation off of your roof is important for the AC units. Pairing of a proper platform system with fiberglass grating can ensure the best conditions for your AC units.

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